Born a heterochromatic baby (put down the medical reference book - it means she's got two different colored eyes) with the last name "Bible" on Halloween night, Karie was destined to be nothing if not unique. Her passion for history and Hollywood's past led her to starting a cemetery tour in 2002 under the guidance of acclaimed historian Marc Wanamaker. In keeping with her love of living history, she gives the tour in vintage gowns from her collection that spans the 1920s through the 1950s.


Karie has lectured at The Silent Movie Theatre, The Old Town Music Hall, The Queen Mary, The Homestead Museum and is also the currently reigning "Lady in Black" to honor silent film star Rudolph Valentino. She has been a volunteer with the American Cinematheque and the Los Angeles Conservancy and is a member of the Hollywood Heritage and the Art Deco Society.


She created the website and e-newsletter about specialty film going in Los Angeles.


Karie has appeared in the segments "Hollywood Hideaways" and "Film Noir Fanatics" for Turner Classic Movies and has been a guest on two TCM video podcasts. She has appeared on CNN, The History Channel, The Reelz Channel, The BBC and Retirement Television. She co-authored the book "Location Filming in Los Angeles" with historians Marc Wanamaker and Harry Medved and co-authored "Hollywood Celebrates the Holidays" with Mary Mallory.


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